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A Common Cause of Back Pain: The Wallet

Hey everyone, have you been experiencing low back pain? Hip Pain? Shooting pain down your leg? Is it hard to stand after sitting a long time? Is it hard to find a comfortable position laying down? Are you struggling with pain on a day to day basis and it has been impacting your ability to enjoy life? Well, before looking ahead to find help first we need to look back, to your back pocket to be exact.

Some people like to carry a wallet and you have a favorite back pocket to carry that wallet. You also sit on that wallet day in and day out. A basic two-fold wallet when partially full can be about 1 inch in thickness. Now why does this matter? That is a 1 inch difference in the pelvic area when you are sitting on this wallet.

This discrepancy creates a domino effect of imbalance and pain.  As you sit on the wallet one hip is slightly elevated. The spine becomes misaligned and the shoulders slump forward.  Ligaments begin to stretch and muscles tighten and loosen as necessary to accommodate these imbalances. Inflammation and swelling can increase around the joints. Eventually pressure increases on the sciatic nerve.   
According to WebMD the Common symptoms of sciatica nerve pain include:
Pain in the rear or leg that is worse when sitting, Burning or tingling down the leg, Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot, A constant pain on one side of the rear and  shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up

The best thing to do is take the wallet out when you are sitting down. This won’t be as easy as it seems. For most people it has become habit and they often don’t even think about it before sitting. Also, because some people become so accustom to the habit of having their wallet in the same place for a while you may feel as though you have misplaced your wallet and have a few moments of panic. Don’t worry over time you will create new habits.
Booking a massage can help to reverse the symptoms created by these imbalances. In a recent study 400 adults with low back pain were split into groups. One group used massage on a regular basis to help reduce the symptoms. The other group used pain medications or muscle relaxants, doctors or chiropractors, physical therapy, or simply did nothing. After ten weeks the massage groups reported greater improvements in pain and functioning compared to the other group. To read more about the study go to: http://nccam.nih.gov/research/results/spotlight/070411.htm
Your massage therapist can perform assessments come up with a treatment plan best suited for your symptoms. Some treatments might be Myofascial release, trigger point work and muscle energy techniques to help find a balance that reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Do not wait! There is no reason you have to suffer through this kind of pain. Call and book an appointment today!

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