A Healing Balance - Helping to find a healing balance for life
Melissa Stablein, LMT, CPT

I became a licensed massage therapist in 2009 from Cortiva, Tucson with the intention of helping people to heal from physical and emotional trauma. I have extensive experience in crisis intervention and working with people who have experienced sexual violence. In order to integrate personal healing and balance with physical recovery and flexibility, I also became a certified personal trainer.
In addition to active practice, I spent two years teaching ethics and communication at Cortiva.

I always knew the power behind massage but I also personally experienced what massage can do to help restore and maintain one’s health. In 2012 I had a back injury that kept me from walking for almost two weeks. Traditional medicine did nothing to solve my problems but kept me medicated. I had never experienced this kind of pain or depression from not being able to use my body and be as active as usually am. I reached out to my massage therapist and she work diligently to help me restore full function to my body. It worked! I began to walk again and return to the activities I love.  It completely reaffirmed my belief in what is possible through massage.

I believe strongly in client education, teaching each person about what is happening with their bodies. Each client is given tips to help continue to reach their goals in between sessions. I continuously pursue educational opportunities that will benefit my clients.  I try to create a safe and supportive environment in which clients can create a life free of pain. Each session is created with the client's goals in mind. 

Massage License # MT-13292

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